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Adobe CS5.5 Suite
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- Photoshop
- Indesign
- Dreamweaver
- Flash

QuarkXPress 8

Mircosoft Office
- Word
- Excel
- Powerpoint

General Tips

All files should use CMYK colour separation.

Specify PMS colours where desired

For best results for RICH BLACK, the breakdown should be specified as: C60 M0 Y0 K100

Supply a colour laser or low res PDF proof for in house referencing where possible.


PDF files are encouraged as font licensing generally provides for fonts to be embedded within PDF documents. PDF's should be supplied as high resolution press optimised ready for press. However as PDF is a closed format changes to artwork, colour correction and interpolation (due to low resolution images) cannot be supported and collected files would be encouraged. To ensure that your PDF files will output correctly, please contact us to preflight files.


Where possible artwork should be created at actual size. If scaling is required it should be at no less than 10% of final size


To ensure accurate sizing, additional bleed must be added to the image area. RMD recommend 5mm bleed on each document.


Ensure to supply all linked image files with your layout application documents. To automate this task we recommend InDesign's Package command, or QuarkXPress' Collect for Output feature. When placing images in Illustrator always choose to link to the original, rather than embedding the images within the document.


RMD requires image resolution to be 300dpi at final output size. If you're unsure we will check when preflighting the file.

Colour Management

Due to the inherent differences between digital and offset printing, and the diversity of products we supply, certain PMS colours and effects such as duotones can sometimes be difficult to duplicate. If colour is of particular concern we recommend colour samples in soft and hard copy to be given to us before PRINT for referencing.

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