RMD can provide you with all your promotional products. From key rings to pens, stubbie holders to caps and flags to marquees. RMD can help you with all your promotional products!


The method we use most commonly on headwear, polo shirts and business shirts.
Embroidery represents high quality and looks great.

Etching / Engraving

Etching or engraving gives a sophisticated finish to any metal, glass or poly products.

Pad Printing

The method we use for printing onto pens, keyrings, novelty items and other small promotional items. This method allows us to print on a variety of unusual surfaces like plastic, metal, leather, glass and ceramics.

Die sublimation

This method of printing is commonly used on material such as stubbie holders, table clothes and ceramics to transfer high quality images.

Screen Printing

We offer a range of special printing varieties like fluoro printing, shimmery and glitter prints, foil prints and puff prints. Usually used on flat products such as plastic bags, woven bags, aprons, clothing and apparel where 3 or less colours are needed.

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