RMD can print almost ANYTHING from short to large runs and will advise you on the most cost effective and economical print processes for your project. We print locally and offshore.

Digital & Offset Printing

All forms of printed product
- Annual Reports
- Catalogues, brochures and flyers
- Manuals, Reports, Tender Documents
- Books
- Packaging
- Stationery
- Posters, popup display


We offer a range of special printing varieties like fluoro printing, shimmery and glitter prints, foil prints and puff prints.

Digital Transfers

We use digital transfers to apply full colour images onto both light and dark coloured
garments on small quantities.

Pad Printing

The method we use for printing onto pens, keyrings, novelty items and other small promotional items. This method allows us to print on a variety of unusual surfaces like plastic, metal, leather, glass and ceramics.

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